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Kindergarten Readiness Course

Kick-start your child’s education!

Give them the academic confidence he or she needs to excel by enrolling him or her in Kiddie Kountry’s annual Summer Kindergarten Readiness Course.

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Each week will feature a new exciting theme as our experienced staff guides your child through an academic pre-Kinder curriculum. Our staff will take the students through the course at a fast pace, while also offering the tools and personal attention your child needs to comprehend and retain the material.

This accelerated course is purposed to helping your child gain new knowledge that will help them in several areas of Kindergarten success: reading readiness, math readiness, writing skills, and more.

The Summer Readiness Course benefits any child who will be starting Kindergarten in the Fall by keeping them sharply focused on what they have learned so far and bridging their understanding to new concepts. If you are enrolled for Kindergarten at East Valley Christian School next school year, this class is required.

Contact Mrs. Christine or your child’s teacher today to enroll. You may also contact us through our website’s Contact Form. Invite your friends and family to join and receive credit towards your account for every successful referral.

This course is open to every family, whether currently enrolled in Kiddie Kountry or not. If your child’s elementary school does not offer a Kindergarten Readiness Program, don’t miss out on this great opportunity!