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 I put my child in Kiddie Kountry because I am a parent helper at Norwood Creek Elementary School, and the kids that come from Kiddie Kountry into Kindergarten are so much more ready for school than kids that don’t.  I am so excited for my daughter to learn everything that she can from Kiddie Kountry!

Tyrrell & April Espy 

My twins have been attending Kiddie Kountry for almost two years now.  They started in the daycare room and now they are in preschool.  The decision to pick Kiddie Kountry for us was easy; my three sibling’s children attended Kiddie Kountry for daycare and preschool.  Now, all five of them are in elementary at the same site.  Previous to attending Kiddie Kountry my twins were watched at home by their grandmother, so it was hard for me to find someone just as loving, but I found all the ladies at Kiddie Kountry to be very compassionate, caring, and truly sensitive to my kids’ needs.  I also find the facility to be safe, transparent, and trustworthy.

Academically, my children have learned so much.  I am amazed at the level of academics they are receiving.  Recently their homework has included single-digit addition and subtraction.  Wow!  Which they are doing really well, thanks to their teachers.

Thanks to Kiddie Kountry my children have learned beautiful bible verses and songs.  We find ourselves frequently reaching for our video cameras when the kids spontaneously break out into Christian songs.  They have made so many great friends in both their peers and their teachers.

I would recommend Kiddie Kountry to parents looking for a trustworthy site to care for and educate their kids.

Cristina & Fernando Celaya 

 I have two children attending Kiddie Kountry.  The staff is excellent, and they genuinely care about the children.  The school provides a challenging curriculum and a well-rounded place to learn to be a good person.  My kids’ teachers take special care of their needs to ensure that they have a safe environment.  I couldn’t entrust my kids to a better group of people!

Every day I am amazed by the new learnings of my children.  What they’ve learned thus far exceeds my expectations!  My five year old is doing arithmetic and my three year old is writing his name and identifying sounds.  And the icing on the cake is that they enjoy being there.

Ms. Christine Beltran and her staff are WONDERFUL!  If you are looking for the perfect place for your child to learn, I wholeheartedly recommend Kiddie Kountry.

Na Lee-Kim