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Specialized Activities

Master Writing Skills             Math Concepts                 Team Building
Shapes and Colors                Exercise                            Christian Character   
Arts and Crafts                      Music Appreciation          Phonics and Learning to Reading

Early Development Is Fundamental To The Growth Of Your Child

Physical Development:

*   Develop fine and gross motor skills
*   Develop good health habits and safety concepts
*   Develop self-expression through creative dramatic, music, dance

and other forms of art and play

Emotional Development:

*   Develop a healthy self- image
*   Develop social skills and practice thoughtful and courteous behavior
*   Develop and respect for individual and cultural differences
*   Develop Christian character and principals, which is the basis of all religions

Intellectual Development:

*   Develop communication skills through language activity
*   Develop interaction skills
*   Develop intellectually through age appropriate curriculum
*   Develop and sense of self- discovery as well as teacher directed interaction

Abeka Curriculum

Kiddie Kountry offers one of the most successful curriculums in Christian schools today.

We have been using Abeka for over 32 years. We, along with the children, have experienced great success over the years. Many of our families have returned to tell us that their children are reading, writing and doing math at a higher level than many of their peers. For this reason we have never considered any other curriculum. With Abeka they not only learn the fundamentals but also learn sight words, to recite, less and more, opposites, same and differences. They also learn critical thinking skills.


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